My name is Thomas Cross and this is my attempt at a portfolio.  

I am currently living in Omaha Nebraska working as a Software Engineer.  I have over ten years of experience in the general IT field.  I started by learning about Linux system administration and eventually found out about port forwarding and DNS and quickly had a “website in my basement” before I graduated high school.  I quickly became obsessed with all things Linux, internet, and programming.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha Peter Kiewit Institute with  a Bachelors in Computer Science with an emphasis on Internet Systems and Parallel Computation.  In my spare time I mastered HTTP standards and exposing them as web services.  I worked for the university in student enrollment services as a web developer migrating all our sites from a windows stack to a LAMP stack with our custom MVC environment.  My senior year I participated in an independent study about Combinatorial Algorithms on GPUs.

I am now working as a software engineer at CSG Actuarial developing web services and web/mobile applications to get, maintain, and expose health care information.

I am a goal oriented entrepreneur type working on several ideas; if you have ideas or skills to help reduce development time the get products to market get in touch with me on the social network of your choice!  If you have a project or website you need help with check out my services page.

Thanks for reading!